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Friday, March 10, 2017

Just Came Back from KL

We received 3 cheques today that was banked in by our clients. I just came back from KL and bought some fruits for my parents especially mum who was distressed after coming back from Singapore. I can emphatise with her because I was in the same position while staying in Singapore and got closed to 3rd aunt, my mum's sister. Now she has dementia, in her 82 years of age and getting cranky. She owns a property in Penang, Bangkok and Manila and a shophouse in Singapore. So far, mum faithfully paid for the maintenance in Quayside and everything is in order. But as for her condos in Bangkok and Manila, they are in a mess and maintenance fees have not been paid for years. This young fella, call him D, at 47 years of age, plans to marry my 82-year-old aunt with dementia. Well, it is obvious what he plans to give her a ring for! He is a stock broker. My cranky aunt had been cheated of S$2 million by D a n i e l L e e, my cousin who has stopped contacting her as he could no longer return the money which was meant for 'property investment in Cambodia with higher returns.' Well, that is the current situation in Singapore which does not bode good memories for me. I am now happily working from a home office with frequent travelling for business.
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