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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Working at Home

This afternoon, after a visit to a 24-hour clinic for menstrual cramps and cost the company $41, I went back home to do purchase receive to claim from customs the tax invoices from suppliers. Somehow, our company has been selected for random audit and I pray that everything will work out well. Took me some time with a very hyperactive puppy trying to play with me. But I have to ignore her to work for the benefit of the company and all as we have many registered workers and local ones. After this, I will catch up on my newspapers reading of The Star and The Straits Times. Luckily, my hobby is blogging and reading, where my preference is reading between the two. There are so many things to do and you are bombarded with information everyday from Facebook, etc.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Had Dinner at AK Noodles, The Main Place

Today, I have lunch at Kayu Manis on the ground floor of Rhythm Avenue, then went out to a club to collect a cheque and headed to The Main Place to chill out at StarBucks and I bought 2 boxes of collagen from Blackmores for $179.20 where they gave me a free yellow bath towel. Thereafter, we had dinner at AK Noodles or Ah Khoon Noodles with 2 abalones and 2 fishballs and a drink for $50, at the Main Place. Before going back, we dropped by Pet Lovers Centre to buy Leia, my almost 3-month old Pomeranian pet a food treat or kibbles that she loves. Then we used the E250 to drive back to our small KL condo and need an early night before going back tomorrow night to Penang

Monday, July 17, 2017

Some Issues

A Facebook Chinese lawyer friend who married an Indian and has kids with him, finally got her divorce settled after 1 year of separation. Apparently the hubby is emotionally and psychologically abusive, which reminds me of someone close and staying together. Well, she is a strong and very capable woman, able to earn her keep independantly and is now happier from being in a rut in the company of her abusive hubby. I dare not dream of getting out of this as I have my own health concerns and monthly condo maintenance to take care of. As long as I am in this relationship, all expenses are taken care of including food, transport, friendship, etc. And not forgetting a 'dream' job to work in a home office. I also have my new puppy to pet and de-stress, bought by my boss.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Going to down south on Tuesday

Later on this evening, I shall be going to Quayside to stay since my condo in Times Square will not have electricity from 1:00am to 7:00am later tonight. We shall return to Times Square condo on Monday morning and send Leia to a pet hotel while driving back my aunt's merc to KL for the meet up. For my part, I have already printed out the necessary for the potential client. Previously sports surfacing business used to be blue ocean for us with few competitors; but now with more companies in this business fighting for a slice of the cake, it is getting to be more and more competitive and prices slashed. Websites are getting to be more attractive and interactive.

Monday, July 10, 2017


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Just Came Back from Awana

I was in KL for 1 night at my condo and then spent another night at Genting Highland's Awana Golf and Country Resort Hotel which is a 5-star hotel on the slopes of the mountains. Genting Highlands have changed and the makeover is certainly worth it with fine dining and premium restaurants occupying the place. There were several levels of shopping too and lots of LED lights with animation on the walls of 3-4 storeys high. The queue at Burger and Lobster was so long that we decided to try Madam Kwan's nonya food instead. We could not find Ah Yat Abalone Restaurant which was our first choice. The stay at Awana Hotel comes with buffet breakfast and it a better choice as there is less walking to your holel room compared to First World Hotel or other hotels which are more costly due to the refurbishment. Besides, breakfast is not included.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Just Came Back from KL

We received 3 cheques today that was banked in by our clients. I just came back from KL and bought some fruits for my parents especially mum who was distressed after coming back from Singapore. I can emphatise with her because I was in the same position while staying in Singapore and got closed to 3rd aunt, my mum's sister. Now she has dementia, in her 82 years of age and getting cranky. She owns a property in Penang, Bangkok and Manila and a shophouse in Singapore. So far, mum faithfully paid for the maintenance in Quayside and everything is in order. But as for her condos in Bangkok and Manila, they are in a mess and maintenance fees have not been paid for years. This young fella, call him D, at 47 years of age, plans to marry my 82-year-old aunt with dementia. Well, it is obvious what he plans to give her a ring for! He is a stock broker. My cranky aunt had been cheated of S$2 million by D a n i e l L e e, my cousin who has stopped contacting her as he could no longer return the money which was meant for 'property investment in Cambodia with higher returns.' Well, that is the current situation in Singapore which does not bode good memories for me. I am now happily working from a home office with frequent travelling for business.
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