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Monday, September 18, 2017

More amendments

I have some amendments to be made to my articles before approval by 25th and payment end of the month. I might follow my colleague down to KL soon sometime this week and thereafter, fly down to Johor to collect a document. These are all in the initial stage of planning. At the moment, feeling a bit tired and lazy. Just wish to nap in bed under my silk duvet comforter and it is just heavenly. But no matter what, I still have to work and print out more brochures for today's meeting in Penang. I have so many books now, I am overwhelmed. And I recently ordered Millionaire Success Habits by Dean online from the USA.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Special Invitation to LongChamp in Singapore

I don't know how LongChamp, a designer brand of handbags got my email and personally sent me an invitation to their grand opening at Takashimaya Mall in Singapore. Well, if they had sent me a plane ticket and accommodation, then I might consider attending this roadshow. Today, I plan to place RM 25k from Public bank to RHB which has the highest Fixed Deposit currently at 4.15% before end of September. I also have 2-3 more FDs matured this month and plan to place the money in RHB. I love my job working at home and it is an envy of many, which is not a secret. Well, since my company website brings in most of the business, I should get credit for it.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Looking for Sponsored Posts to Blog

I am curious how some bloggers get so many sponsored posts to blog and write with a link to the advertiser's site. Some are getting like USD 400 or more monthly, by being a paid blogger. But they never reveal which site is giving and dishing out so much moolah for blogging work. So, it is like searching for a needle in a haystack. A search online does not reveal much. And the sites that I used to earn quite lucratively are no longer accepting bloggers outside USA, so it seems. Places like Blogsvertise cannot even register me anymore and there seems to be bugs in the code. I am not sure if this is deliberate or not, but just pray for other new opportunities that mushroom online.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Work is Always There

I have the luxury whether to work or not. Should I be in a sloth mode, I will sleep in my silk duvet comforter with the air con turned on for some time or just read a good book to learn something. However, should I be bored, then I might just fire up my adrenalin in the system and start working writing articles or just update my blogs and look for more opportunities to earn a little by moonlighting here and there. I will try to milk the internet via the legal way and not cheat by clicking on ads several times that may get one being banned permanently. As dad had mentioned, I could now retire any time with more than enough to last a lifetime; provided also that I don't simply spend my savings like drinking water or flushing water down the tap.

Friday, August 25, 2017

In a Lazy Mode

Sometimes, I wonder myself; "Why I am working so hard, when all my family does is watching telly and 'bark' at you to work hard so that you can feed them and provide for them!" They can be quite obnoxious, very curious how much money I have in the bank! That's what they care about and that's about it. And I have an 'easy' life working in a home office - an envy amongst his sibblings. They are depending on him for provision, for free gourmet meals now and then and maybe even more! Sure, my website brings in all the business; or almost all of it, at least 90% I should say. And if they sense you are not generous to them, they will start creating problems for you and bypass you in the family chat group, specially created to show who's the boss and who's in charge here!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Travelling to KL Soon

I shall be travelling to KL soon and in a short while's time. Just had a very good nap after lunch of vegetables, fish cake and watermelon juice (no ice and no sugar). Last night celebrated mum's birthday at Fong Wei Chinese restaurant. The date was brought earlier since we had to travel to KL today and tomorrow, youngest sis will bring the priest over to Quayside to pray and fellowship with her fellow Catholics. On the 24th, is second sister's viva for her PhD degree and I hope this will be her last and not having to refer and have the programme deferred. I pray that she will do well and pass. Hopefully, she will not take things for granted and take it too easy. Southampton University still has to maintain a certain standard and it is up to all her 3 supervisors to decide whether she deserves a PhD or not.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Working at Home

I love working at home and this is one of the best jobs around that I'm employed to do. The benefits are many: you get to save on gasoline from commuting to work in another office away from home; you get to save money on office clothes and makeup as I work in my pajamas or jammies. You save time from travelling. Another one is that I get to take power naps in between work. And this comes with many benefits like EPF, SOCSO, medical benefits, etc. Most of the expenses are well taken care of and I can also moonlight in my free time earning a little here and there like writing articles, doing paid surveys, microjobs, etc. This is a life of envy for many, all the more I treasure working at home and don't take this freedom for granted. I am still as disciplined as I was a student.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Back from KL

I came back from KL last night arriving Penang at my parents' house at 10:00pm after visiting 3 places in KL to submit tender, collect PO and collect a cheque. The distance amongst these 3 places are tens of miles apart. We dropped by Tapah where I bought some mangoes for dad together with Nutren Fiber by Nestle for $86 that is shared by me and my partner. We also had speeding tickets twice and paid promptly via where I registered online using my aunt's IC no. Dad had a mild heart attack recently and I try to pamper him now and then when on outstation trips to buy him things he could not afford or rather save the money. He is one of the oldest member around in his church while his younger compatriots had passed on.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

I love my work

I love working at home and it is a dream for most people to be able to work at home while minding their kids - and for my case - a furry kid pet Leia. My partner does most of the training with me helping too. Leia is smarter now and knows more commands like 'sit', 'paw', 'in', 'out' and 'stand'. I have had 2 'friends' asking me if there is any vacancy in my company so that they can emulate me to work at home. I can type fast and know the short cut keys to be more efficient. All these are learnt from my first job as an IT trainer in Singapore for Informatics. Dad thinks I have the 'Best' job in the world. LOL! this could be an exageration but to some extent, there is a pinch of truth here. I save up gasoline, buying office attire and makeup. Most of all, I save time from commuting to work.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Ringgit Lower Against US$

The ringgit was lower against a rejuvenated US dollar in early trade Wednesday, dealers said.

At 9 am(0100gmt), the local unit stood at 4.2860/2900 against the greenback compared with Tuesday's close of 4.2840/2870.

A dealer said the greenback rose as investors started positioning for key market events this week, notably Friday's US employment report.

"Domestically, players may want to check out June's external trade statistics, also due to be released on Friday," he said.

Against other currencies, the local note was, however, higher, except versus the euro.

The local unit rose against the Singapore dollar to 3.1533/1577 from 3.1556/1592 on Tuesday and strengthened marginally against the yen to 3.8812/8859 from 3.8815/8853.

The ringgit firmed against the British pound to 5.6635/6692 from 5.6647/6700 on Tuesday but weakened against the euro to 5.0631/0682 from Tuesday's 5.0607/0655.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Was in the Cardiology Unit and Vet Clinic the same day

Yesterday was a pretty busy day for me. After work, and buying some fruits and buns for dad since he is not eating much, we visited him at the cardiology unit of Penang GH. He was his jovial self but there is a caveat. His blood platelet count dropped within the day from 98 to 88 and it could be due to internal bleeding which caused the death of his church friend. He is still admiited for a couple more days to ascertain dad's condition. Well, he is already 80 years old this year and we hope he will have longevity like granny who passed on at the ripe age of 93.

The same night, after dinner with mum, sis and business partner, we went up to my apartment to see Leia, my 3-month plus Pomeranian puppy. She looked sickly and was not her usual behaviour of being playful and cheeky. So my partner drove us to a vet at Gill's Vet Clinic where there was a cat with hearing problems, a Husky with female period pain, a Beagle and a canary, even after 9:30am and we were the last to leave the clinic at 10:30pm. Gill's clinic is located in a nice bungalow, probably self owned and run by 2 vet brothers.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Singapore falls about 1 pct as financials drag

Singapore shares cut losses at the close of trade on Friday after falling nearly 1 percent, as the city-state's biggest banks pulled down the index and as sentiment took a hit after total jobs fell in the second quarter, the most in 14 years.

The FTSE Straits Times Index closed 0.7 percent lower, but rose 0.5 percent on week, its fifth straight weekly gain.

DBS Group fell 2.6 percent, United Overseas Bank slipped 2.2 percent and Oversea-Chinese Banking Corp dropped 0.9 percent.

"The weaker performance of financials today follows a relatively lengthy period of gains. Hence, traders could have been selling ahead of news, especially in the results season," said Liu Jinshu, director of research at NRA Capital.

On Thursday, DBS Group closed at its highest in more than 17 years, OCBC hit a record closing high and United Overseas Bank rose 1.3 percent.

United Overseas Bank reported a 5.5 percent increase in second-quarter profit on Friday, a day after OCBC's profit beat expectations with a 22 percent jump.

"After the OCBC results, the other two names may have been sucked higher yesterday. After the UOB numbers this morning, (it's) a little bit of a reality check," said a strategist with a Singapore-based bank who did not want to be identified.

Singapore's total employment contracted by 7,800 in the second quarter, the biggest quarterly drop in employment since 2003, preliminary data from the Ministry of Manpower showed.

In other Southeast markets, Philippine shares inched up, finishing the week 1 percent higher. Conglomerate JG Summit Holdings climbed 1.9 percent, while BDO Unibank rose 1.7 percent to close at its highest in more than four months.

Vietnam shares closed up 0.7 percent and were up 2 percent on week, while Indonesia rose marginally, ending the week 1.1 percent higher.

Malaysian shares snapped five sessions of gains to slip 0.2 percent, but ended the week up 0.5 percent.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Blessed to Work at Home

I don't have to taxed myself by doing too many things like Shopify or dropshipping via Aliexpress. I am quite contented with my job to work in a home office with regular pay, medical benefits, SOCSO, EPF and the like. Additional benefits include all expenses like utilities and meals are taken care of. I have had my share of struggles working in the corporate world with stress and politics and obnoxious colleagues. Now I work alone and most of the time, my boss is in a good mood. I am rather blessed to work in a home office that is equipped with a laptop, multi-functional printer with scanner, fax machine, internet connectivity and a digital camera together with an Apple iPhone 6. Moreover, I get to take power naps in between work and catch up on daily news.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Working at Home

This afternoon, after a visit to a 24-hour clinic for menstrual cramps and cost the company $41, I went back home to do purchase receive to claim from customs the tax invoices from suppliers. Somehow, our company has been selected for random audit and I pray that everything will work out well. Took me some time with a very hyperactive puppy trying to play with me. But I have to ignore her to work for the benefit of the company and all as we have many registered workers and local ones. After this, I will catch up on my newspapers reading of The Star and The Straits Times. Luckily, my hobby is blogging and reading, where my preference is reading between the two. There are so many things to do and you are bombarded with information everyday from Facebook, etc.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Had Dinner at AK Noodles, The Main Place

Today, I have lunch at Kayu Manis on the ground floor of Rhythm Avenue, then went out to a club to collect a cheque and headed to The Main Place to chill out at StarBucks and I bought 2 boxes of collagen from Blackmores for $179.20 where they gave me a free yellow bath towel. Thereafter, we had dinner at AK Noodles or Ah Khoon Noodles with 2 abalones and 2 fishballs and a drink for $50, at the Main Place. Before going back, we dropped by Pet Lovers Centre to buy Leia, my almost 3-month old Pomeranian pet a food treat or kibbles that she loves. Then we used the E250 to drive back to our small KL condo and need an early night before going back tomorrow night to Penang

Monday, July 17, 2017

Some Issues

A Facebook Chinese lawyer friend who married an Indian and has kids with him, finally got her divorce settled after 1 year of separation. Apparently the hubby is emotionally and psychologically abusive, which reminds me of someone close and staying together. Well, she is a strong and very capable woman, able to earn her keep independantly and is now happier from being in a rut in the company of her abusive hubby. I dare not dream of getting out of this as I have my own health concerns and monthly condo maintenance to take care of. As long as I am in this relationship, all expenses are taken care of including food, transport, friendship, etc. And not forgetting a 'dream' job to work in a home office. I also have my new puppy to pet and de-stress, bought by my boss.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Going to down south on Tuesday

Later on this evening, I shall be going to Quayside to stay since my condo in Times Square will not have electricity from 1:00am to 7:00am later tonight. We shall return to Times Square condo on Monday morning and send Leia to a pet hotel while driving back my aunt's merc to KL for the meet up. For my part, I have already printed out the necessary for the potential client. Previously sports surfacing business used to be blue ocean for us with few competitors; but now with more companies in this business fighting for a slice of the cake, it is getting to be more and more competitive and prices slashed. Websites are getting to be more attractive and interactive.

Monday, July 10, 2017


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Just Came Back from Awana

I was in KL for 1 night at my condo and then spent another night at Genting Highland's Awana Golf and Country Resort Hotel which is a 5-star hotel on the slopes of the mountains. Genting Highlands have changed and the makeover is certainly worth it with fine dining and premium restaurants occupying the place. There were several levels of shopping too and lots of LED lights with animation on the walls of 3-4 storeys high. The queue at Burger and Lobster was so long that we decided to try Madam Kwan's nonya food instead. We could not find Ah Yat Abalone Restaurant which was our first choice. The stay at Awana Hotel comes with buffet breakfast and it a better choice as there is less walking to your holel room compared to First World Hotel or other hotels which are more costly due to the refurbishment. Besides, breakfast is not included.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Just Came Back from KL

We received 3 cheques today that was banked in by our clients. I just came back from KL and bought some fruits for my parents especially mum who was distressed after coming back from Singapore. I can emphatise with her because I was in the same position while staying in Singapore and got closed to 3rd aunt, my mum's sister. Now she has dementia, in her 82 years of age and getting cranky. She owns a property in Penang, Bangkok and Manila and a shophouse in Singapore. So far, mum faithfully paid for the maintenance in Quayside and everything is in order. But as for her condos in Bangkok and Manila, they are in a mess and maintenance fees have not been paid for years. This young fella, call him D, at 47 years of age, plans to marry my 82-year-old aunt with dementia. Well, it is obvious what he plans to give her a ring for! He is a stock broker. My cranky aunt had been cheated of S$2 million by D a n i e l L e e, my cousin who has stopped contacting her as he could no longer return the money which was meant for 'property investment in Cambodia with higher returns.' Well, that is the current situation in Singapore which does not bode good memories for me. I am now happily working from a home office with frequent travelling for business.
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