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Monday, May 9, 2016

Going to KL this Wednesday

I shall be going to KL this week by car as my colleague has to attend a meeting there. Well, I have to print out the company profile again as we have finished giving out our last copy. There are many pages to print out and put into the sleeves of the 80-page file. The other day, I met up with a long lost friend and the first meeting, she was prepared to do promotion and using me as her potential client. This is not my idea of a good friendship with ulterior motive. Worst still she was doing direct selling of Kangen water and used her laptop to try to sell mutual funds to me! I guess I shall avoid her next time and it is better to be alone when my spouse is not around than to hear mumbo jumbo and being pressured to part with your money. My motto is, "Never make money from your friends!" She had the cheek to suggest that I teach her website designing and is not sincere in offering to buy me things even though I treated her an expensive bowl of ice kacang with fruits, since she is intentionally unemployed, being in her early 50s.
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