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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Conmen on the Prowl

Just 2 days ago, I received an SMS supposedly from Bonuslink stating that I have won $19,000 from Shell. Being curious while apprehensive, I called the number given and was congratulated that I have won the money. The guy on the other side of the phone then quickly asked for my bank name and account number so that he 'can' bank in the prize money for me. Then what made me suspicious as I had expected all along was when he asked how much I have in my bank account. I refused to tell him and he persisted, saying that I will know how much I have made if there is a difference. I lied to him that I have only $1k and he sounded happy. Then he instructed me to go to an ATM machine and give him a call to teach me how to receive the money! What Balooney! Then I asked if he is a con man and to this he could not understand. So I ask if he is a 'penipu' to which he called me 'bodoh' and used an expletive which I responded in kind before hanging up.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Opportunities to Leverage on Your Blogs

There are many opportunities that abound for leveraging or monetizing your blog or empire of blogs. Simple offers like putting an advertisement link on a basic blog can also earn you some income. But then again, you need to look out for such offers that may be advertised for free in forums and other websites. The world is your oyster at your fingertips. You have the power to earn more or less, depending on your motivation. As for me, saving towards my retirement is a good enough reason to continue blogging for profit. It is not difficult and may even be easier than working as a virtual assistant where you are paid say USD 5 per hour or so in the Philippines. Since I am in Malaysia, the rate will of course increase with the cost of living here, as compared to the Philippines with one of the lowest cost of living in Asia. In the past, I have even worked in a blogging marathon, creating many posts for sponsored opportunities. This is where all the fun begins.
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