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Friday, June 14, 2013

Women Need High Expenses

If you are a woman and want to maintain a certain status, you need to invest in make up, nice clothes and such. Even eyebrow shaping costs money, at least RM 10 per session at the cheapest. If you want to colour your finger and toe nails, you need to buy nail varnish with bottom coat and top coat together. A total of 3 layers just to have your nails coloured. Then you need to buy cosmetics for skin care like anti-aging serum, body lift lotion and more. You also need to dye your hair dark brown or black if you have hit a certain age with many strands of white hair showing, thus making you look older. If you wish to be plain Jane, then you can choose to ignore all these steps and save money in the long run. But having disposable cash, you just want to pamper yourself and look good.
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