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Monday, March 25, 2013

Phone Dating with Flurv and Badoo

I have been testing out these two apps downloaded to my iPhone 5 for the functionality and I must say that Badoo is heads over heels over Flurv which is more catered to local users. With Badoo, I have people from UK, US, Norway, Europe chatting up with me in an instant! Many plan to meet up with me, but I don't schedule for any appointment. My time is too precious and the main reason I use Badoo is to promote my online business which I just paid for USD 29.95 for a lifetime membership without monthly fees, transaction fees or any other fees for that matter. It is very affordable and I love it. Having said that, now it time to try out Badoo and make new online friends.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Less Paid Posts

It is just unfortunate that nowadays I have less paid posts to write. In the past, I was able to earn a constant income month after month just blogging on sponsors' products and services. But I guess, I can still rely on my monthly commissions for the projects that I bring in to the business. My boss works very hard and I can see he is going all out to provide for his family, his workers including myself. Last, but not least, also to his church with a weekly tithe in the four figures. No wonder the church is rich with members like him! Otherwise, you might have heard of the saying, "As poor as a church mouse!" And I still don't see any miracles or healing unlike New Creation Church with a very annointed pastor.
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