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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Making the Best Use of Your Time

I am always looking for something to do when I am awake. Well, I am not the type to simply idle around doing nothing and wasting away precious time. From young, I have been taught about good work ethic and am always motivated to accomplish a task at hand. This was ingrained in me since school days. Hence, I will always attempt to make the best use of my time and my blogs. You are not young forever, and make hay while the sun shines. So, it is only appropriate to work hard when you are able to earn as much as possible for my retirement in years to come. Then only, I can enjoy my golden years with plenty leftover.

Monday, July 15, 2013

People Become Lazy when There is Easy Money

Quite a number of rich men’s kids are useless bums! They are used to the lifestyle of the wealthy and more often than not, become lazy refusing to lift a finger thinking that times will always be rosy and plenty. They refuse to study hard or find employment. All they want is to spend their parent’s money or hope for the windfall in lottery. I know this for a fact, because I have nephews who are not working, but living off the rich inheritance of the estate of my late aunt. I have cousins who suddenly can afford new BMWs 5 series and Mercedez Sports Cars in Singapore without any qualifications and having to struggle it out, all because their dad had received his inheritance!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Just Got Paid USD 30

Just got paid in S$42 for 6 articles about Singapore that I completed this morning. Each article is 500 to 550 words. Yes, it is possible to earn some money now and then via the internet when you are determined and constantly look around for work. This is a repeat client and we have good working relations. It is a blessing to be able to milk the internet which has been my cash cow since I joined. I also found my boss and boyfriend from the internet. We have been together for 10 years already and work very well as a team to prosper many people under our employment and also our relatives. Most of your financial problems can be solved with the internet provided you invest in some skills and reading up to leverage on this amazing media.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Women Need High Expenses

If you are a woman and want to maintain a certain status, you need to invest in make up, nice clothes and such. Even eyebrow shaping costs money, at least RM 10 per session at the cheapest. If you want to colour your finger and toe nails, you need to buy nail varnish with bottom coat and top coat together. A total of 3 layers just to have your nails coloured. Then you need to buy cosmetics for skin care like anti-aging serum, body lift lotion and more. You also need to dye your hair dark brown or black if you have hit a certain age with many strands of white hair showing, thus making you look older. If you wish to be plain Jane, then you can choose to ignore all these steps and save money in the long run. But having disposable cash, you just want to pamper yourself and look good.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Staying in a Condo

My condo has a gym and swimming pool. Just downstairs are many food cafes including food gallery. There are also retail stores on the ground floor with restaurants upstairs. Having such amenities within walking distance is certainly very convenient for the residents. I pay $190 for the maintenance charges monthly. It makes me count all my blessings staying here right in the heart of the city with nearby hotels, food courts and pharmacies. I have a car, a condo, credit cards, cash and club membership - the big 5 'C'

Monday, March 25, 2013

Phone Dating with Flurv and Badoo

I have been testing out these two apps downloaded to my iPhone 5 for the functionality and I must say that Badoo is heads over heels over Flurv which is more catered to local users. With Badoo, I have people from UK, US, Norway, Europe chatting up with me in an instant! Many plan to meet up with me, but I don't schedule for any appointment. My time is too precious and the main reason I use Badoo is to promote my online business which I just paid for USD 29.95 for a lifetime membership without monthly fees, transaction fees or any other fees for that matter. It is very affordable and I love it. Having said that, now it time to try out Badoo and make new online friends.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Less Paid Posts

It is just unfortunate that nowadays I have less paid posts to write. In the past, I was able to earn a constant income month after month just blogging on sponsors' products and services. But I guess, I can still rely on my monthly commissions for the projects that I bring in to the business. My boss works very hard and I can see he is going all out to provide for his family, his workers including myself. Last, but not least, also to his church with a weekly tithe in the four figures. No wonder the church is rich with members like him! Otherwise, you might have heard of the saying, "As poor as a church mouse!" And I still don't see any miracles or healing unlike New Creation Church with a very annointed pastor.
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