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Friday, December 28, 2012

Back from Christmas

My youngest sister is still in South Hampton enjoying herself and will be back on 2 January 2013. Meanwhile, I had a short holiday over Christmas and it is now over. Time flies so fast and before you know it, it is time for New Year celebration. I got myself an iPhone 5 with IOS 6 last night. I traded in my old iPhone 4 for $700 and bought the new iPhone 5 for $2,012. This month, I am in a spending moon and also contributed $400 to charity. I also got a Prada handbag from KLCC, the most expensive gift I got myself. These are my own hard earned money and it pays to spend a little so that there is the motivation to keep working diligently.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Australian Competition Sites

As I was doing the virtual assistance work given by an Australian, I just realized that there are hundreds of free online competition sites in Australia! How I wish I stay in Australia then, so that I can participate in the online competitions. Also, there are hundreds of different gifts to be given out like cruises, toys, cameras, houses, apartments, and the sky is the limit. Australia is a very rich nation with lots of opportunities for its citizens and permanent residents. Many years ago, I had a friend staying below the flat in Singapore who was interested in me who has migrated to Australia working as an engineer with his parents, but at that time I was in a relationship. So we lost contact from there on. Anyway, the grass looks greener on the other side, but I don’t know the pros and cons in Australia until after I have stayed there.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Feel like Taking a Swim

There is a swimming pool of olympic size in my condo and I have only swum there once. Swimming every day is good for health. There is an old lady of 70s or so on the same level as my floor who swims every morning at the pool. There is also jacuzzi beside the pool. I need to swim more often to lose weight and for a healthy BMI. Later on, I am going to treat my family to a meal of seafood before my 2nd sister departs for South Hampton to further her PhD studies in English Literature.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Working from Home

I am now working on a book and writing almost daily. I hope it will be published latest by the end of the year. Need to find some good cartoonist for the graphics. Otherwise, I might become the cartoonist myself, but then I might not have the time, since I am also working for a friend. Just hope to find a good publisher for my upcoming book and earn passive income from the sales and royalties. It is not easy, but with baby steps at a time, it is not an impossible task.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Writing Offer

I received a writing offer after submitting my resume for the job which I found online. Well, the young start up has paid me a few times already after I delivered the work promptly. It is about 5 sen per word which is about 1.67 cents USD per word, which is not too bad.

What I like about this gig is that I have the freedom to write as much as I like or as little as I wish. So, everything is up to me. The articles are for the web site and there are reference sites for me to browse through. It is so easy peasy but who says working hard for money is difficult?

If you are afraid of hard work, then I think it is not for you. Otherwise, it could be a profitable hobby working at home in your own pace.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Not Easy to Earn Money Online

It is not easy to earn money online. You have to be very persistent and motivated. The opportunities are getting few and far in between. Age is catching up and it gets harder by the day. The Bible has stated in Proverbs, not to love pleasure too much, or you will come to poverty. My second sister has just tendered her resignation today as a head of department in the English Business section to pursue her PhD in South Hampton University in UK. She has been accepted to do her PhD programmed there. She voluntarily resigned and not being forced to do so as she has other plans in mind. As for me, well, just looking for other ventures, perhaps book writing to earn royalties repeatedly for work done once and for all. Make hay while the sun shines.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Parenting Time Attorney Farmington Hills

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Writing Gigs

Yesterday, I wrote more than 5,000 words for 17 paid posts of at least 300 words each and worked the whole day almost non-stop. It pays USD 5 per post, which I think is good, considering that juicy posts are somewhat scarce now with more competition. But what I am derided is that my Glitterati status in Nuffnang has changed to normal, thus less earnings per click. It is not easy to stay on top all the time and earning lucratively from the internet.

But today, with 3 more posts to write at USD 5 a piece, I am not complaining too much. I also got an offer from Fiverr which I almost missed out. The net profit from Fiverr is only USD 3.92 after deducting the transaction costs and Paypal fees. So, I was ebullient when, out of the blue, I got a total of 20 paid posts to complete these last 2 days, earning me a cool USD 100 in the process.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Paid Comments

Some bloggers are paying USD 15 cents per comment in their blogs to create artificially generated buzz. They advertise and offer the job in the web site offering micro jobs and are willing to pay for comments done on their blogs. Others would pay for clicks on their web site's contextual ads. Well, this is the day and age of the internet and anyone is free to offer any job and do anything to earn an income right from the comfort of their homes. The opportunities are just endless and it is a borderless world out there, reaching the masses in split seconds.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Another Home Sweet Home

Now I have a new dream home in my new condo. It is well furbished and is a peaceful sanctuary for me - to relax and to work there unlike my parents' home with a stupid neightbour's dog barking incessantly all the time just beside my computer room. I find it hard to concentrate and prefer to take walks now and then away from the computer. The best time to work is during early in the morning before anyone wakes up before 6:00am and this is where I can do productive work. Right now I am busy furnishing my home with countless trips for the renovation work and buying of stuffs to make it a home.

Monday, January 9, 2012

A New Year Begins

Good bye 2011 and Welcome 2012 - the year of the dragon. A new year begins now but it is a bit morbid for the world economic outlook. With the Eurozone sovereign debt crisis, there is a possible recession this year. Singapore is already in a technical recession as printed in the newspapers and admitted by the authorities. But the Malaysian government seems to always perpetually paint a rosy picture of the Malaysian economy, never giving a true picture of the state of affairs. Perhaps the general election is coming and Najib wants to fish for more votes to continue staying in power.
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