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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Going to Johor Bahru in a short while

Now I am waiting for the air con servicemen to come and repair the air con in the apartment in USJ 14 of Goodyear Court 9 in Subang Jaya. After that we plan to visit Mont Kiara for one of the condominiums and then head to Johor Bahru after that to stay over night for business. I hope the car won't break down along the way and that the trip will be successful and fruitful. Nowadays I hardly write anymore articles that pay too little for so much work in my moonlighting venture at my home office. With the extra time that I have, I use it to read magazines and also surf other web sites if there is no more company work. Life is so good to me and I thank my Heavenly Father for such blessings.

Friday, April 8, 2011

It is all about the earnings

Earnings in this blog is not much. After checking on Monitize, I realized that I have been blogging blindly without checking on the traffic. I guess I did not get high paying ads on my Adsense here and there are very few visitors! This is one of my several blogs and I have to allocate time to blog more regularly. Regularly also means more personal information is displayed for the www audience and that can also include your ex-boss stalking on your blogs! Which is why I am not too motivated to blog recently after discovering that my blogs are stalked by an ex-boss that's always late for work and at the same time tries to make me look bad to cover up her many faults!
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