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Monday, November 22, 2010

Finally Bought Myself an iPhone 4 32GB

Finally I bought myself a Christmas gift of an iPhone 4 32GB from Gurney Plaza for RM2,609.00 total including screen protector and a stylish pink casing! I had originally planned to get iPhone 4, 16GB but it was out of stock! Considering that I may download several apps from iTunes store, hence, I don't mind forking out more for a bigger memory capacity. I love playing with Talking Tom Cat which I downloaded for free from Apple store. You can even email it as an .avi file video format to your friends and family with your recorded voice. It was just so cool. And the email is very neat - no need to login in everytime you want to check new emails unlike using the laptop. This is the most expensive gift of a gadget I got myself this year for Christmas! And I have been eyeing the iPhone since the 3G version.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Check your Credit Constantly

Maintaining a good Credit Report is important to get bank loans and to apply for personal loans and credit cards. It is your financial reputation at stake where you can check your Free Credit Score from the link given. Since the credit crunch in 2008, many banks are turning to American Credit Report to assess the financial status of an individual before offering out loans for housing, business or other matters.

Hence, it is important not to max out your credit card and pay on time every month so that there is no bad history of missed payments in order to apply for future cards or housing loans. Banks are quite stringent in this area and they always do a credit report check on an individual to make sure that he is able to pay back the loan given out before even offering him the approved loan. So make sure you pay your credit card bills on time every month to have a clean standing with the financial institutions. Even if you pay your credit card bills late, it will be recorded in your credit report as a means to assess the type of paymaster you are – good or bad.

That's how most of the bankruptcy cases started - from overspending beyond one's income and maxing out credit cards. Many of the bankrupts are youngsters in their twenties who constantly splurge and spend more than what they earn. They chalk up more and more credit card debts until they are unable to pay back! This is a very bad spending habit that should not be inculcated from young. When you are a bankrupt, you will not be able to apply for bank loans, travel overseas or own properties like house or car. And whatever you earn, you have to pay back the banks of your outstanding loans until they are cleared and fully paid up.

I have an acquaintance who is a bankrupt due to fraudulent business dealings and got cheated by his business partners. The problem started when he signed as a guarantor for a huge bank loan amounting to millions of ringgit for the business dealing. Because of being too trusting and na├»ve with others, he has to now pay back for his mistakes – cannot travel overseas, cannot own a car or a house and whatever he earns, he has to pay back the bank bit by bit. He also cannot take legal action in court as a bankrupt!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Finally Got a Cheque from USA

Finally my cheque from 2CheckOut merchant account arrived in my post box today. Above is the scanned copy of the cheque for USD99.95 which is about RM303.00 after conversion. Just click on the image to see the enlarged version. This is the third time I am getting a cheque from 2CheckOut for selling ebooks and writing articles. 750 Reports for a Bargain is my bestseller. I am quite pleased as I can earn money online with a few hundred ringgits here and there every month. More money for shopping in Tesco, Giant and Gurney Plaza. Sometimes, I use the extra cash for dining and treating my parents, sister and friend to a sumptuous dinner in a Chinese restaurant.

I have a few sources of online income with Nuffnang being one of them. But the most I earn is from writing articles on a consistent basis for a client who pays me USD50 every month. This is about $150 in ringgit. Working at home certainly has its many benefits and I can moonlight offering virtual assistance on a part time basis when I am free. The money is usually paid to my Paypal account and I will withdraw from it after reaching about RM400 so that I don't have to pay the service charge. Ain't I blessed?
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