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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Last Day of 2010

Today is the last day of 2010. I am not sure if I am going to attend my local church's watch night service. Both my parents will go for their own churches watch night services and reflect upon the happenings in 2010 - both good and bad. Another chapter is close and marks the dawn of a new year. I am still coughing badly and hopefully it will be healed soon so that I can enjoy the food. It is good to have some fellowship with friends for a small chit-chat. Different things happen each different year as we grow older and wiser. But I hope I won't put too much emphasis on work but instead stop and smell the flowers and enjoy the moment.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Pay Per Click

Above is my referal image link for a local pay per click program that I joined last week. The amount is US 1 cent per click and you are allowed up to 10 clicks per day. That is US 10 cents every day! In no time, I will be able to cash out US 1 dollar as I continue to click faithfully every day.

This is my referral link below where you can copy and paste to your browser:

The task is easy and a no brainer! You do not have to crack your head to think and write coherently when writing articles for cash. Simply click away to earn slowly but surely. The web sites that you view are also interesting and you get paid for it. If you love to surf web sites and read online, then this is the program for you to join and remember to use my referral link so that I can earn and leverage on it. You will also get your own referral link to promote when you sign up and join.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Finally Bought Myself an iPhone 4 32GB

Finally I bought myself a Christmas gift of an iPhone 4 32GB from Gurney Plaza for RM2,609.00 total including screen protector and a stylish pink casing! I had originally planned to get iPhone 4, 16GB but it was out of stock! Considering that I may download several apps from iTunes store, hence, I don't mind forking out more for a bigger memory capacity. I love playing with Talking Tom Cat which I downloaded for free from Apple store. You can even email it as an .avi file video format to your friends and family with your recorded voice. It was just so cool. And the email is very neat - no need to login in everytime you want to check new emails unlike using the laptop. This is the most expensive gift of a gadget I got myself this year for Christmas! And I have been eyeing the iPhone since the 3G version.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Check your Credit Constantly

Maintaining a good Credit Report is important to get bank loans and to apply for personal loans and credit cards. It is your financial reputation at stake where you can check your Free Credit Score from the link given. Since the credit crunch in 2008, many banks are turning to American Credit Report to assess the financial status of an individual before offering out loans for housing, business or other matters.

Hence, it is important not to max out your credit card and pay on time every month so that there is no bad history of missed payments in order to apply for future cards or housing loans. Banks are quite stringent in this area and they always do a credit report check on an individual to make sure that he is able to pay back the loan given out before even offering him the approved loan. So make sure you pay your credit card bills on time every month to have a clean standing with the financial institutions. Even if you pay your credit card bills late, it will be recorded in your credit report as a means to assess the type of paymaster you are – good or bad.

That's how most of the bankruptcy cases started - from overspending beyond one's income and maxing out credit cards. Many of the bankrupts are youngsters in their twenties who constantly splurge and spend more than what they earn. They chalk up more and more credit card debts until they are unable to pay back! This is a very bad spending habit that should not be inculcated from young. When you are a bankrupt, you will not be able to apply for bank loans, travel overseas or own properties like house or car. And whatever you earn, you have to pay back the banks of your outstanding loans until they are cleared and fully paid up.

I have an acquaintance who is a bankrupt due to fraudulent business dealings and got cheated by his business partners. The problem started when he signed as a guarantor for a huge bank loan amounting to millions of ringgit for the business dealing. Because of being too trusting and na├»ve with others, he has to now pay back for his mistakes – cannot travel overseas, cannot own a car or a house and whatever he earns, he has to pay back the bank bit by bit. He also cannot take legal action in court as a bankrupt!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Finally Got a Cheque from USA

Finally my cheque from 2CheckOut merchant account arrived in my post box today. Above is the scanned copy of the cheque for USD99.95 which is about RM303.00 after conversion. Just click on the image to see the enlarged version. This is the third time I am getting a cheque from 2CheckOut for selling ebooks and writing articles. 750 Reports for a Bargain is my bestseller. I am quite pleased as I can earn money online with a few hundred ringgits here and there every month. More money for shopping in Tesco, Giant and Gurney Plaza. Sometimes, I use the extra cash for dining and treating my parents, sister and friend to a sumptuous dinner in a Chinese restaurant.

I have a few sources of online income with Nuffnang being one of them. But the most I earn is from writing articles on a consistent basis for a client who pays me USD50 every month. This is about $150 in ringgit. Working at home certainly has its many benefits and I can moonlight offering virtual assistance on a part time basis when I am free. The money is usually paid to my Paypal account and I will withdraw from it after reaching about RM400 so that I don't have to pay the service charge. Ain't I blessed?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cashed out my second nuffnang income for RM50.16 in 4 months

Some of you may take a shorter time to cash out and some do cash out monthly in the region of thousands like red mummy. But I am happy to say that I managed to cash out the minimum amount of RM50.16 in 4 months since the last cash out was in June. I have several buffered earnings, some metered earnings just like the rest of the bloggers. Above is a screen shot of my second cash out and in a months' time or so, I will get my second Nuffnang cheque. Yay, more cash to my savings account. I treat this as an allowance from the internet and Nuffnang. Thank you Nuffnang!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sammy's Adventure : The Secret Passage (3D Movie)

Sammy, a sea turtle, hatches on a deserted beach and tries to climb out of the hole where he hatched. Being caught by a seagull, he struggles for his life and manages to escape, as the seagull clashes in the air with a another seagull, also carrying its prey, who turns out to be a female hatchling sea turtle, Shelly.

Sammy falls onto an old raft and gets carried into the open ocean, losing Shelly. In the ocean he meets another hatchling, Roy, who tells him the story of a "turtle paradise" on an island called "Lapagos", and they together start their voyage there. Later, the two get caught by trawls. Sammy is released back into the sea by the fishermen, but loses Roy.

Washed onto the shore in California, he is picked up by a hippie woman and lives as a pet in the hippie commune with Vera, another female sea turtle, who is older than Sammy, and Catoff, a cat, who claims to be French. On a Christmas evening the hippies draw a peace sign on his shell to sign him as the peace ambassador. When the hippies see that Sammy and Vera won't mate, they release Vera. The police evicts the hippie commune from the beach, and Sammy decides to return back to the sea.

There he meets Vera and a young female sea turtle who is attacked by a shark. Vera and Sammy save the turtle who turns out to be Shelly, his childhood friend. They decide to travel together to the paradise islands, but Shelly gets lost in the sea.

Vera tells Sammy to swim to the "cold waters". Sammy finds an old refrigerator drawn by the humans and uses it to travel to Antarctic. An albatross he meets on his journey tells him that the paradise island can be only be reached through a "secret passage where the fresh waters run". In the Antarctic waters Sammy meets a fin whale who barely escapes a harpoon from a whaling ship.

The harpoon destroys the refrigerator, but Sammy is saved by the anti-whaling protesters and placed into the sea animal shelter where he finds Shelly, Catoff and people from the hippie commune (who now work in the shelter). The ex-hippie recognized the peace sign on Sammy's shell.

Shelly and Sammy are released into the ocean. They decide to find the secret passage and use it to travel to the paradise island. They manage to find the passage (which turns out to be Panama Canal) but get separated as they try to pass a lock. As he searches Shelly, Sammy encounters two sea turtles that urge him to help their friend who got trapped in an intermodal container. Sammy rescues the turtle, who turns out to be his old friend Roy. They swim together to a wrecked Spanish galleon where Roy lives with Rita, his girlfriend.

Being told about Shelly, Rita remembers her and advices Sammy to search for her in the galleon. Sammy finds Shelly being courted by another sea turtle. Disappointed and upset, Sammy returns to his friends only to find out that the turtle who courted Shelly is a playboy but has a strong relationship with another female. Together with Roy and Albert, a shark who lost his teeth, they set up a fake shark attack on Shelly to let Sammy save her again and win her heart. Shelly and Sammy then reunite and, along with Roy and Rita, return to the beach they hatched.

The closing scene of the movie shows Sammy helping one of his new-hatched grandsons to climb out of the hole.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Eat, Pray, Love

One Woman's Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia is a 2006 memoir by American author Elizabeth Gilbert. The memoir chronicles the author's trip around the world after her divorce and what she discovered during her travels. The book remained on the New York Times Best Seller list for 187 weeks. According to Metacritic, it has received mostly favored critical reviews.

The movie rights for the memoir were purchased by Columbia Pictures. The film version, which stars American actress Julia Roberts, was released in theaters on Friday, August 13, 2010. Gilbert followed-up this book with the sequel Committed: A Skeptic Makes Peace with Marriage, released through Viking in January 2010. It covered her life after Eat, Pray, Love ends.


At 32 years old, Elizabeth Gilbert was educated and had a home, a husband, and a successful career as a writer. However, she was unhappy in her marriage and often spent the night crying on her bathroom floor. In the midst of an affair, she separated from her husband and initiated a divorce, which he contested. The affair continued for some time but did not work out, leaving her devastated and alone. While writing an article on vacations in Bali, she met a ninth-generation medicine man who told her she would come back and study with him. After finalizing her difficult divorce, she spent the next year traveling. She spent four months in Italy, eating and enjoying life (Eat). She spent four months in India, finding her spirituality (Pray). She ended the year in Bali, Indonesia, looking for "balance" of the two and found love (Love) in the form of a dashing Brazilian factory owner.The trip was paid for in advance from the book deal for Eat Pray Love.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Windows 7 can Welcome with Voice Message during Logon

Your Windows 7 PC can welcome you with an audio voice message when you logon with your username. Yes, you can setup the voice welcome facility by simple addition in your Windows PC without any additional software. Once I completed the addition suggested in below steps, my PC performs a voice message like “Hey Sanjeev, Welcome to your Windows PC” at the time of logon. You can set a message of your choice as well.

Trick to get Welcome Voice Message during Logon on Windows 7 PC

1. Copy below mentioned code and paste in a notepad

Dim speaks, speech
speaks=”Hi Diana, Welcome to your Computer”
Set speech=CreateObject(“sapi.spvoice”)
speech.Speak speaks

2. Save the file as .vbs file with any name of your choice, for example test.vbs file.

3. In place of “Hi Diana, Welcome to your computer”, you can write any message of your choice.

4. Now move the .vbs file into “startup” folder. You can get the startup folder by right clicking on the “Windows button” i.e. Start button on PC and select explore. Once you moved the test.vbs file over there, you can restart your computer and hear the message at the time of logon.

Location of Startup folder in Windows 7,
C:\Users\%username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\

That’s it. This trick works on every edition of Windows 7. I am not sure whether this works in Vista or not, you can try and share your feedback. this trick doesn’t work on Windows XP SP1 machine, not sure for Windows XP SP3 as well.

Anyway, by using this trick, you can impress your friends and family members by showing them your talking PC.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Google celebrating 12th Birthday with new Doodle

Google US and other domains are featuring a new doodle on occasion of 12’th birthday of this company. Larry Page and Sergey Brin met with each other in 1995 and started a project at Stanford University in 1996. In next 2 years, their project became a company named “Google”. In September 1998, Google sets up workspace in Susan Wojcicki’s garage where both Larry and Sergey started indexing web pages and including them for search. In 1998, they got first check of amount $100,000 as the first investment in company by Sun co-founder Andy Bechtolsheim. Today, we all know what Google is and most of the time we use Google as a verb as well to search particular thing on web.

4 important facts about Google Inc.

1. The name “Google” came from Googol which is a mathematical term with 100’s of zeroes after 1.
2. “I feel lucky” button is rarely used by users but still Google team keeps that as they don’t want to change the look and feel of search home page.
3. Gmail (email service by Google) was used internally for more than 2 years before the public launch.
4. Craig Silverstein was the first employee hired by Larry and Sergey.

There are lot many interesting things about this awesome company and its founders. I you want to know more about Google, then google that.

Happy Birthday Google!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How to share Google Docs documents with others

Google Docs is one of the most famous web clouding documentation platform. You can create documents, spreadsheets, presentation online on Google Docs and share that with others as well. If you want to have a collaborative document so that other people in your office of friends may edit the same, then here is the procedure to invite and share created documents on Google Docs.

How to Invite and Share Google Docs documents

First of all you need to create a new document which will be auto-saved in few seconds only. Now follow below steps to invite and share with others.

1. As you have already created a document on Google Docs, Now to share with others, click on “Share” button available on top-right corner (beside the Save button).

2. Add email IDs separated by ‘comma’ with whom you want to share this document

3. You can add a message with the document notification email as well. That is optional, so you can share without message if you want.

4. There are few options like “send a copy to yourself” and “paste the item itself into the email”. But you may choose only the last option which says “send email notification” to person with whom you are sharing this document.
Under the Share button, there is a dropdown to do few more things related to sharing stuff. Like “Email editors/viewers” and “Email as attachment” to let you communicate with people who are eligible to view and edit the document.

I think, Google Docs is very useful for startup companies and small businesses. I use Google Docs in my office and share docs with others very frequently. I hope, this small tutorial will help you share your documents on Google Docs and use this awesome documentation platform at best.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Had to Cancel Genting Highlands Trip

We are now in KL and need to meet up with a potential client on Sunday evening. So what do we do in between as today is Saturday? Go to Genting Highlands, of course! But my friend has slight fever and needs to rest. So we decided to cancel the Genting trip. Besides, we are going to Genting over Christmas which is the super peak season and far more expensive. For your information, Genting Hotel is now undergoing renovation and will take some time before completion. So, for today, we need to rest in our rented apartment in Subang Jaya before going back to Penang on Monday and work again.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Holidays in Bandung

I was in Bandung, Indonesia last month together with my second sister for holidays in West Java. Bandung is also known as 'Paris Van Java' in Dutch, or simply 'Paris of Java' for its fashion and factory outlets. We took Malaysian Airlines which was more comfortable compared to Air Asia, but also a bit pricier.

See the very colourful seats of MAS as seen from behind as I went to the loo. There was also on free board meals with Ferrero chocolates for each passenger.

While waiting and transiting in Kuala Lumpur International Airport, I came across this banner for Citibank Platinum credit card holders. Free entrance to Plaza Premium Lounge that is open 24 hours with free internet access, free flow of food and beverages including beer, free massage on the massage chair with HDTV to watch the latest news and magazines to browse. There is also a mini golf putting area for the avid golfers.

We also visited Mt. Tangkuban Perahu - Bandung's most famous tourist volcano just 28 km north of the city. This volcano offers many places to see and explore. Whether you look into the huge crater or hike down into it, stroll through the forest on its slopes, or simply enjoy the splendid panoramic view, Mt. Tangkuban Perahu is an interesting destination that everyone in the Bandung area is fond of visiting. When seen from Bandung, Mt. Tangkuban Perahu has a distinctive shape, like an upside down boat. Tangkuban Perahu means, in fact, "up-turned boat" This peculiar shape has stimulated the fantasy of the Sundanese people from early times as expressed in the Legend of Sangkuriang.

Though the mountain appears peaceful, mild eruptions occurred in 1969, when Kawah Ratu spewed ash and barrages 500 m high. As recently as September 1992 it was closed to the public for a few days because unusually high seismic activity lead volcanologists to fear a new eruption. On the mountain's northern flank is an area called Death Valley, so named for its frequent accumulation of poisonous gases. On a reasonably clear day, from Kawah Ratu, the main crater, you can see not only the mountain range to the east, with Mt. Bukittunggul as its highest peak (2,209 m), but also two other in a northeasterly direction.

We did lots of shopping as the clothes there are direct from factory outlets carrying many branded names like MNG, Liz Clairborne, etc at only a fraction of the price. Here in Malaysia, brands like that cost easily RM70 but we could get them for only RM24 each and they are genuine but rejects due to overshipment or overdue date of arrival. Above are my second sister's working and casual clothes. The black dress with lots of colourful embroidery was a bargain! You could never get it at such bargain prices in Penang; in fact I could not find any similar one in Penang with such intricate embroidery on a large scale.

Me posing with our clothes combined together as spread out on our beds in the hotel at Aston Braga, a four-star hotel in Bandung. I am very pleased with the shopping and the trip which lasted 4 days and 3 nights from 27th July to 30th July 2010. We went shopping at Rumah Mode, an upscale shopping centre for tourists, Grande, Glamour, The Heritage, etc.

Very soon, after much shopping and walkig, it was time to go home and we boarded this plane. My sister took the opportunity to snap this photo as we were boarding the plane. Time to say goodbye to Bandung!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Going to Bandung, Indonesia next Tuesday

Next week, I will be going to Bandung for 4 days 3 nights with my second sister working in Suchou, China as the Head of the Business English Department. I have partially sponsored her trip there and the total amount is RM4,079 including 2% credit card charges of additional RM80! Most likely we will go to factory outlet for shopping cheaper things like clothes, bags, etc. My initial plan was to go to Bali but my second sister wanted to do her factory outlet shopping in Bandung, so there was the change in plan. Anyway, Bali is not too attractive to me at there are several visits to Indian temples and to see monkey dance! This is not what I had in mind, so Bandung is a better choice. We will stay in a 4 star Aston Braga Hotel & Residence which includes tours like 6 hours half day shopping tour in Cihampelas and 12 hours tour the next day to Mount Tangkuban Perahu, Sariater Hot Spring, Shopping Rumah Mode, Heritage, Summit, Danar Hadi Batik and ITC Pasarbaru.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Enable Placement Targeting on Adsense Channels To Increase Revenue

Google Adsense is no doubt the best CPC advertisement platform for Advertisers as well as Publishers. If you are using Adsense for monetization on your website or blog and having nice amount of visitors then you should try enabling Placement Targeting of important spots on your blog. Actually spots or location of placed ads on your website are defined as “Channels” on adsense thru which you can track the CTR for particular ad slot. As you know, Adsense is a bidding based advertisement network where Advertisers bid for keywords on AdWords and then their ads become visible on sites. So here I will let you know the important of enabling “Placement Targeting” which will help Advertisers while making their decision about your site.

Placement Targeting is actually a way to tell Advertisers about a particular ad slot on your site. It allows AdWords advertisers to choose a specific spot on your site to place their ad. If your site is having good PageRank and Quality Traffic, Advertisers will even pay more for their ads to appear on your site or blog. In that way, you will generate more revenue from the same spot or ad slot. If they don’t do anything like that, your revenue will remain as it is. So by enabling “Placement Targeting”, you are actually adding a way for advertisers by providing them more information about the spot and your site.

How To Enable “Placement” Targeting on Google Adsense

Placement Targeting is done for channels on Adsense. For example, if you are having a channel named “Below Title – 336×280”for ads running below the title of each post. Now you want to enable this slot’s targeting so that Advertisers on AdWords can choose that location to place their ads. To enable Placement Targeting on that channel, go to “Adsense Setup” tab on top navigation of Adsense Dashboard and select “Channels” from the sub-navigation bar. There you can see all channels created by you. Find that particular channel for which you want to enable placement targeting, and click on “edit” link on right side of that channel. Now edit window for that channel will open, there you can see a check box for “Targeting – Show this channel to advertisers as an ad placement”. Check the box to enable the same.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Get USD$3 to Set Bing as Default Search Engine

If you decide to set Microsoft Bing as the default search provider in your web browser, Bing will send you $3 donation code which you can use towards a public school classroom project of your choice on

There is a limit of 1 donation code per user. Bing promises to donate up to $100,000 in $3 donation codes during the promotion. Remember donation codes may only be used at and will expire on August 31, 2010.

DonorsChoose is an online charity that makes it easy for anyone to help students in need. Public school teachers from America post classroom project requests on for small things like pencils etc, then people donate small amounts to the project they like. Once a project reaches the funding goal, DonorsChoose deliver the materials to the school and you get photos of your project taking place, a thank-you letter from the teacher, and a cost report showing how each dollar was spent. If you give over $100, you’ll also receive hand-written thank-you letters from the students.

Will this $3 help Bing displace Google as default search engine in your browser?

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Malaysia national debt increased to 50.6% of GDP

According to the reply from Prime Minister Nazib Razak to Taiping MP Nga Kor Ming in the parliament, the latest national debt of Malaysia now stood at RM378.3 billion, or 50.6% of the GDP.

This means that for every citizen in Malaysia, we are bearing a national debt of RM14,000 per person on average.

The national debt has surged by 19.1 billion during the 1st quarter of 2010! Compared with the national debt at RM230 billion when RMK-9 was just began, it has increased by RM148.3 billion within just 5 year! During 1997, our national debt was just 96 billion.

If the national debt continues to grow at a CAGR of 12%, by 2019, it will eventually reach RM1 trillion!

The alarm has already triggered, and the government as well as the citizen must wake up now, if we don't want to repeat the history of what is happening in Greece now!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sell your used items for instant money in CA$H CONVERTERS

Wonder what to do with your old PC, old laptop, old printer, old fax machine, old handphone, old television, old CD player, old PlayStation, old camera, old massager, ... after you upgraded them with better, more powerful, latest technology one?

Well, you can probably:

Keep the old one in your storeroom
Give the old one to your friend, relative, neighbour, charity house, etc.
Dispose the old one into recycle bin
Sell the old one for some cash
There are a few ways to sell out used items for cash, including:

Sell to your friend, relative, neighbour, etc. on COD basis
Sell in the Internet auction websites or forums
Sell to a shop

CA$H CONVERTERS is an international franchise dealing with used items. Their retail shops buy used items as well as sell used items.

You can find CA$H CONVERTERS in these 3 Southeast Asia countries:

Singapore - Admiralty, Ang Mo kio, Bedok North, Jurong East and Toa Payoh.
Malaysia - Ampang Point, Klang, Sunway, Taman SEA, Plentong and Sri Selayang.
Thailand - Pattaya
The advantages to sell your used items in CA$H CONVERTERS including:

You are very unlikely to be cheated (compared with selling in Internet and other methods)
You can get rid of your goods and collect the cash right away in the shop
If you are moving house and got a lot of used items to dispose off, you can even call CA$H CONVERTERS to collect them onsite and pay you instantly.

On the other hand, if you don't mind buying 2nd hand or used items, you can probably get some from their shop at a lower price than brand new one.

Click here to visit the website of CA$H CONVERTERS for more information.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Saving up for retirement

It is important to save up for retirement while you are able to earn an income. When you are gainfully employed, it is advisable to put aside at least 10% of your earnings every month for the golden years ahead. This is to ensure that you will have golden years and not woeful years begging in the streets. I am blessed at this point in time to have a dream job to work at home equipped with a laptop, printer, fax machine, digital camera, scanner and desktop computer. I also have broadband internet connection for unlimited connectivity for a fixed rate. Working at home certainly has its benefits - you can nap anytime when you want to and work anytime when you are ready or in the mood.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Malaysia's richest get richer

Malaysia’s top 40 richest are worth US$51 billion, up from US$36 billion a year ago, and higher than the previous record of US$46 billion registered in 2008. According to Forbes Asia in its Malaysia Rich List 2010 released today, their combined wealth has risen by 42 per cent, spurred by the country’s economic expansion.

The overall increase in wealth was also in line with the 32 per cent rise in the Kuala Lumpur Composite Index, and the Malaysian ringgit’s 11 per cent gain against the US dollar over the past 12 months, Forbes said. Topping the rich list again is Tan Sri Robert Kuok who has held the pole position since 2006 when Forbes Asia began ranking the 40 richest Malaysians.

Forbes said the biggest gainer in dollar terms this year, the 86-year-old tycoon’s net worth increased to US$12 billion, a gain of US$3 billion over last year. Top telecommunications tycoon Ananda Krishnan remains in second place with US$8.1 billion, an increase of US$1.1 billion from a year ago. His Maxis Communications, Malaysia’s largest mobile phone service provider, went public last year and raised US$3.4 billion in the country’s largest-ever IPO. Unchanged at third position is Tan Sri Lee Shin Cheng with US$4.6 billion, up from US$3.2 billion last year.

The 71-year-old heads IOI Group, one of the world’s leading operators of palm oil refineries. The company is reportedly investing US$300 million to expand. Forbes said the top three tycoons were not the only ones who saw gains in their wealth, 27 others on the list also registered growth in their net worths, particularly notable is technology tycoon Goh Peng Ooi, ranked No. 16, who enjoyed the biggest percentage jump. His fortune increased to US$425 million from US$112 million previously, a massive jump of 280 per cent.

Forbes said this year a minimum net worth of US$110 million was needed to qualify for the list, up from US$90 million last year. It said the number of billionaires had also increased, with now 10 tycoons with a ten-figure net worth, compared with nine a year ago. Newcomers making the rich list this year included brothers Datuk Shahril and Shahriman Shamsuddin who shared the No. 23rd spot with a net worth of US$270 million. They have equal stakes in Sapura Group, founded by their father. Shahril is chief executive of its affiliate SapuraCrest Petroleum, the listed oil and gas contractor that makes up the bulk of their fortune.

Another new face is self-made building contractor Datuk A. K. Nathan, 54, who is ranked No. 24 and worth US$250 million. His company, Eversendai, has been involved in some of the most high-profile buildings in the Middle East including Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building.

Forbes said three people were back on the list after having fallen off previously, and the most notable is Datuk Seri Nazir Razak, Malaysian Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak’s brother and head of financial services firm CIMB. He is ranked No. 32nd with a net worth of US$145 million.

The top 10 richest and billionaires in Malaysia are:
1) Tan Sri Robert Kuok; US$12 billion
2) Tan Sri T. Ananda Krishnan; US$$8.1 billion
3) Tan Sri Lee Shin Cheng; US$4.6 billion
4) Puan Sri Lee Kim Hua; US$3.9 billion
5) Tan Sri Quek Leng Chan; US$3.85 billion
6) Tan Sri Teh Hong Piow; US$3.8 billion
7) Tan Sri Yeoh Tiong Lay; US$2.5 billion
8) Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar AlBukhary; US$1.7 billion
9) Tan Sri Vincent Tan; US$1.6 billion
10) Tan Sri Tiong Hiew King; US$1.2 billion

Thursday, May 27, 2010

EPF Contributions : 157 Defaulting Employers Fined RM172,410 In Q1 2010

As part of its role as the custodian of members’ retirement savings, the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) has taken court action against 157 employers between January to March 2010 (Q1) for defaulting on their employees’ EPF contributions.

All 157 defaulting employers were fined by the courts totaling RM172,410. The fines, which ranged from RM1,000 to RM5,400, were for offences under Section 43(2) of the EPF Act 1991, which requires all employers to remit their monthly contributions before or on the 15th day of every month or risk facing legal actions.

“While most employers are responsible and mindful of their obligations to pay their contributions in a timely manner, it is unfortunate that some employers fail to do so and default on their EPF contributions,” said Nik Affendi Jaafar, EPF General Manager for Public Relations.

“It is important for employers to understand that the EPF does not take such matters lightly and will not hesitate to take legal actions in safeguarding our members’ retirement savings.”

The highest fine of RM5,400 was slapped on Ogosin Sdn Bhd of Wilayah Persekutuan, while Pelana Tenggara Sdn Bhd and Tri Axis Automation (M) Sdn Bhd both from Pulau Pinang, Micromagna Engineering Sdn Bhd of Perak, Sediabena Sdn Bhd of Selangor as well as Chemumur Legacy Sdn Bhd of Wilayah Persekutuan were all fined RM3,000 each.

In Q1 2010, a total of 285 civil suits and 1,868 criminal cases were filed with the courts against company directors and employers that have defaulted on their EPF contributions.

The EPF has also submitted 320 names of company directors, compared to 221 in the previous quarter, to the Immigration Department to prevent them from leaving the country without first settling their contribution arrears as provided under Section 39 of the EPF Act 1991.

The courts will usually give errant employers a maximum of six instalments to settle any contribution arrears. During this period, these employers will be closely monitored by the EPF to ensure that the amounts outstanding are paid in full. Once the full amount has been received, the EPF will credit all outstanding contributions to the respective members’ accounts.

“Looking after the interest of our members is topmost on our agenda and we will use every means available to us to ensure that members’ retirement savings remain protected.

“Nonetheless we strongly urge our members to perform their part in ensuring that their contributions are in order by regularly checking their EPF statements. Should they discover anything amiss with their account, they should not hesitate to seek clarification from their respective employer or report to the EPF immediately,” said Nik Affendi.

About the Employees Provident Fund (EPF)
The Employees Provident Fund (EPF) is Malaysia’s premier pension fund, providing basic financial security for retirement. The Fund is committed to preserving and growing the savings of its members in accordance with best practices in investment and corporate governance. It will always be guided by prudence in its investment decisions.

As a customer-focused organization, the EPF delivers efficient and reliable services for the convenience of its members and registered employers. The EPF continues to play a catalytic role in the nation’s economic growth, consistent with its position as a leading savings institution in Malaysia.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Blessed to Work from Home

I have been blessed to work from home for the last 6 years being in the same sports surfacing company. My job requirements include checking emails daily, replying them, search for suppliers, printing company profile, updating the web site, financial calculation, preparing quotations, etc. As long as my boss is healthy and capable, I will remain employed - hopefully for more years to come. That is why I cannot afford to be spendthrift and need to buy only what is necessary to stretch my savings for retirement. Now and then, I take up paid posts by blogging about the sponsor's link. It is not easy to work for other people and that is why employment is tough out there. But if you make it successfully via online earnings, then you are very blessed indeed. Dealing with people is not easy and it is better to work for yourself provided you have sufficient knowledge or skills that clients require.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Goldman Sachs let Warren Buffett learnt a bitter lesson

Warren Buffett, well-known as the "Oracle of Omaha", has been famous for value investing, and also declaring derivatives as the "weapons of economic mass destruction" and stated that he would never be involved in them.

He derailed from this belief, when Berkshire Hathaway in 2008, at the peak of the financial crisis, purchased $5 billion worth of Goldman Sachs' perpetual preferred stock with a 10% dividend and warrants on $5 billion worth of common stock at the price of $115.

Since then, Buffett has been talking good about Goldman Sachs and declaring his strong endorsement to its CEO Lloyd Blankfien. Last week, Ron Olson, one of Berkshire’s directors, once again defended Goldman by saying that "Buffett invested out of belief in not just the strength of Goldman but its integrity."

To the great surprise of the whole world, it was just 3 days right after that "integrity" assurance from Berkshire, Goldman was accused by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of defrauding its investors. A civil charge was filed on 16 April 2010.

Goldman is accused to have promoted and sold mortgage investments to its investors, without telling the buyers that the securities were crafted with input from its client, Paulson (a hedge fund capitalize on the housing bust), who was betting on them to fail.

The SEC said Paulson paid Goldman roughly $15 million in 2007 to devise an investment which tied to mortgage-related securities that the hedge fund viewed as likely to decline in value. Separately, Paulson took out a form of insurance that allowed it to make a huge profit when those securities' value plunged.

SEC stated that, "Goldman wrongly permitted a client (Paulson) that was betting against the mortgage market to heavily influence which mortgage securities to include in an investment portfolio, while telling other investors that the securities were selected by an independent, objective 3rd party."

Goldman's investors of that securities have lost about a billion dollar in less than a year thereafter, while Paulson reaped in its fabulous profit.

In fact, Goldman had been warned on this fraud case, in black-and-white by SEC, as early as in July 2009. The question is: did Buffett knew about that? If he didn't, then why? If he did, well, well, well....

The stock price of Goldman dropped heavily after this allegation, causing Buffett to gave out most of the profit he made earlier in his Goldman deal. However, the blow to Buffett is minimal in monetary wise. The bitter lesson to Buffett is the deteriotation to the reputation and respect which he built for decades, which had won him the title as the "Oracle of Omaha".

Now, all the eyes is staring on him, especially when the AGM of Berkshire Hathaway is just a moment away from now.

All investors make mistakes, including Buffett. But this mistake he made is really very costly. Let's wait what he'll say...

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter Sunday

Happy Easter SundayToday is Easter Sunday and it marks the days Jesus resurrected to heaven, 3 days after his crucifixion on Good Friday. This is a new beginning for mankind to be free from curse, poverty, sickness and eternal damnation in hell as Jesus took that all away on our behalf. I attended church today and there was a skit put up by my local church especially for non believers. Jesus was scourged even though he knew no sin. You might think this is unfair but that is how it goes. Jesus took the penalty so that we can take his blessings. It was a divine exchange for man. As Christmas marks the birth of Jesus, Easter Sunday marks his ascension into heaven as he rose from the dead to be reunited with our Heavenly Father. Jesus' victory is our victory over the evil one and over death. Hallelujah!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Brilliant Google Buzz

Given how huge Google is and the giant’s reputation in the online business world, it is no wonder that everything that Google chooses to launch as a new product never stays unnoticed and gets tons of coverage in the blogosphere and in traditional media.

The latest addition of Google Buzz is no exception, of course, as the blogosphere could not ignore Google trying to popularize the idea of lifestreaming to millions upon millions of users of Gmail, its wildly popular web-based email service. In fact, I think it will be no exaggeration to guess that for quite a number of web users around the world Gmail is the home page in their browsers, the first thing they see when they head online every day. And who will resist clicking that multi-color icon to check what the Buzz is?

Of course the launch of Google Buzz was accompanied by quite a number of criticizing voices about Google jeopardizing users’ privacy (as if it does not all the time by monitoring what we search for and what our email content is) and copying some of the worst FriendFeed features and for numerous other things that left geeks in the tech blogosphere unhappy.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Blogging a few Posts Today

Today, I am in the mood to blog and have updated my several blogs all over the internet - namely 2 personal domain blogs and several blogspot blogs. There is cash to be earned as well, which explains the enthusiasm. US dollars are too tempting for me not to refuse. And it is like 'ang pow' for me in this time of Chinese New Year of the Tiger in 2010. I also just came back from a 3 days 2 nights trip to Hatyai, Thailand by chartered van. It was enjoyable and I bought a lot of things there as they are cheaper compared to Penang - things like underclothings, 3 bottles of skin care serum, body wash, body scrub, 1.5kg of cashew nuts and treated my family to a high end Japanese buffet dinner at a hotel that was split equally by my 2 other sisters. I also like to wish you Happy, Prosperous Chinese New Year and Belated Valentine's Day.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Disk Defragmenter in Windows Vista

It is a good practice to constantly defragment your hard disk now and then for better and optimum execution and faster loading of files. When all the necessary clusters are compacted without any fragments in between, it takes a faster time to run your computer programs. Windows Vista comes with Disk Defragmenter that you can select. You can work on your computer while defragmentation is going on, but you’ll find the computer responding more slowly than usual, and any files that you create, move, or copy may slow down the defragmentation process. Because of this, the best time to defragment a volume is when you’re not using your computer.

And while defragmenting, I can also read more articles here of various topics related to finances and how to increase my income for retirement. Thank goodness I have bought a laptop with Windows Vista installed to work on the go whenever there is a business trip to Kuala Lumpur and anywhere within Malaysia. And I just came back from KL two days ago with my colleague after staying there for 4 days 3 nights for some business purposes. So far, I am quite satisfied with my laptop of 1+ years and it has not given me any problems other than some installation compatibility problems with Windows XP software.
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