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Monday, March 16, 2009

It is a Drudgery

Working from home has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are more freedom to work at flexible hours and away from the constant checking of your superiors. Many people have made it big through their home office and become millionaires. While there are the success stories, there are also those who failed miserably in working at home. First you need to have the discipline to work at your own pace. People may become too comfortable and become lazy. Instead of working, they may spend the time chatting away with online contacts and incur more expenses than necessary. For others, it may be boring or a drudgery to work at home compared to the dynamics of working in a proper office. After working for at least 7 years in the office environment, I have acquired the discipline to work from home and no longer take my blessings for granted. After all, it is not an opportunity for everyone to work from home.
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