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Friday, February 27, 2009

Going to Langkawi in a Short While

I am going to Langkawi by Firefly which was booked and confirmed last night. It takes about 30 minutes to arrive from Penang Airport to Langkawi's Airport. We need to take measurement for a sports court for a customer before flying back the next day on Sunday. Most likely, we will stay overnight in Langkawi after doing the necessary. This is a short business trip. And I just found out from my sister that a return trip by boat is about RM100 plus. Had I known that earlier, we would have taken the boat and save us about RM620 for 2 persons return by flight plus airport tax.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Have not been updating posts lately

I was in Hadyai, Thailand over Chinese New Year from 24th to 27th January with my parents and younger sisters. Admittedly, I also ignored this blog for a while since it is not generating much income. There were other more pressing issues related to copyright infringement of my company web site that kept me very very occupied recently. And also the last few batches of calendars to send out by the hundreds to potential clients. Hence, I was not in the mood to blog or update this blog. With Valentine's Day yesterday and over now, I have more free time on my mind for personal stuffs.

My company also sent out a legal notice to our competitors who violated our web site copyright infringement. They copied many images, photos and write-ups from our web site and competed with us for the exact material. Since serving them legal notice after repeatedly emailing them to no avail, they have finally removed and shut down their web site. I hope it is permanent. This is the site that I am talking about >> w h i z z s p o r t .com
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