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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Wrote 2 short articles today

I have just submitted my 2 shorts articles for a blog of 300 words each. It only pays USD 1 cent per word, so you can calculate how much 300 words will bring in. Christmas is just over but the Yuletide spirit still lingers on. And I was in bed almost the whole day to recuperate from my stubborn flu after taking 2 rounds of anti-biotics for the last 1 month. As I felt better today, I decided to work a little by writing articles for income. My mind is clearer now and no longer drowsy from the medication and cough mixture. And Belated Christmas to my readers!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Earning Money Writing Articles

I have been paid about USD250 for November's work in writing articles for a US company. It pays about 1.4 cents per word for a 4 star rating and 1 cent per word for a 3 star rating. However, my rating has dropped from 4 star to 3 star this month. But the money comes in handy for Christmas and I intend to save it up for rainy days. No more lavish spending or impromptu buyings on impulse while window shopping. Need to save up for hard times as the economy is not so good with global recession looming in 2009. I just have to tell myself to work hard for such times. But it is nice to take a break now and then from work and remember the carefree days as a student without worries about savings and expenditure.
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