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Monday, November 24, 2008

Hairy Crabs for a Meal

This Thursday, my mum has booked a table of 5 for the family, each paying for his or her own meal at RM100 to enjoy the seasonal hairy crabs with 6 other dishes in Dragon-i Restaurant in Queensbay Mall. Hairy crabs are very expensive because they are rare and only comes around during this time of the year, around October to November. My second sister in Suchou received 12 hairy crabs from her student whose father obviously sells seafood. She brought them to the restaurant, had them cooked and share with her friends. Such lucky gal! The only difference between hairy crabs and the normal ones are that hairy crabs have much hair on the bottom of their pincers and are smaller too. Now I am looking forward to this Thursday, dinner time.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

James Bond : Quantum of Solace

Unlike Casino Royale, which was as direct as a bullet from a gun, QoS spends a sizeable chunk of it's running time meandering aimlessly. Firstly though, the intro car chase is in the style of an agitated, edit-obsessed director which means the entire scene is viewed in short random bursts from a multitude of angles - Fine, if that's your bag.

What follows is a series of action set pieces which are at turns exciting, manic and messy, but after which the film becomes flat and a little direction-less. That's not to say that there is little in the way of bullets and babes but the simple facts are that the set pieces are really not very exciting, and worse still the characters are pretty bland, in comparison to those in Casino Royale.

You'll struggle to think of a main bond villain that is less interesting than Dominic Greene, and agent Fields is utterly pointless in every aspect other than brief eye-candy. As is mentioned in other reviews it is Judy Dench and Daniel Craig that keep this movie from leaving the tracks entirely but it doesn't bode well for future outings if this is to be the new template. In short Casino Royale rejuvenated the franchise but Quantum Of Solace has gone some way to spoiling it's success.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama - the first black US President

After months of non-stop campaigning in various states in USA and much money being spend on advertisements online and for air time on telly, Obama has finally made history by being the first black US president. This is unprecedented. But it is a pity that his closest relative and care-giver, his maternal grandmother did not live long enough to witness this eventful occasion. She passed away a few days ago battling cancer for some time in Hawaii. Let's hope Obama will succeed in bringing about change that is much needed after the Bush administration and revive the beleaguered economy and create new jobs for thousands of laid off workers in USA. Obama is a skillful orator after beating Hillary Clinton to be the Democrate nominee for the US presidential election. Congratulations, Obama!
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