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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tropic Thunder Trailer

"Tropic Thunder is a film that understands biting satire. It sets out to villainize the very people that made the film possible. It understands parody and it understands good comedy and delivers consistent laughs throughout. It starts out with a promising bang and from there, continues to revel in its absurdity and wit. The script is sharp and provides a great basis for the humor that spurs the film on, however, it's truly the actors that take it to the next level. Robert Downey Jr's performance as the lost Australian actor is perhaps one of the most standout performances in a comedy. Not only that, but Tom Cruise's Les may just be the engine that brings this film home. Its both ridiculous and a furnace of hilarity. But in all truth, the chemistry within the rest of the cast is undeniable. I would have to caution viewers, this film may not be what you're expecting. Ben Stiller's previous films and even his own written "Zoolander" are quite different from the tone and the visuals of Tropic Thunder. And its not just in the profanity or utter gore, its within the concepts behind the film. It dares to go into areas that are politically incorrect and what say may even find on the offensive side. Its not afraid to traverse the areas outside of hands-off comedy. If you're a fan of balls- to-wall, brazen comedy that isn't afraid of the lines, this will be your cup of tea. You'll be laughing from start to finish and reveling in the ride. It's fresh and that originality carries it somewhere great.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Prepare for a Recession

Every day, we have been bombarded with news of gloomy economic outlook in the US with looming global recession on the cards. It is about time that we change our spending habits and not to buy on impulse. We have to watch our savings as thousands of jobs are lost in the US. Wall Street employees are performing new tricks on the roads to earn money in their business suits. Dow Jones, Hang Send Index, KLCI and all major share markets are reporting bear run these past few days. Goverments are injecting billions of US dollars into the failing banks in the hope of containing the economic rot. With thousands of jobless people and financial crisis that is spreading globally, we should now be prepared for the worst before any economic recovery is seen, not anytime soon.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Using Google Alerts to find work online

I am using Google Alerts to keep me informed of new job offers by searching for some specific keywords that I have typed in. And I am in the midst of discussion with a potential client from Canada for an ebook rewrite, format and convertion to pdf from Microsoft Word. If everything works out well, this could mean constant work for me from this client. Each day, I will check out my Google Alerts for the searched keyterms and checking them out. It has kept me busy for a while as I continue to surf the internet for information and to pass time. It is a gold mine out there.
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