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Monday, August 25, 2008

How to Whiten Teeth in Photoshop

Above is a Photoshop technique to whiten teeth on digital photos. This is a useful skill to learn and how to touch up your photos. As an aside, I have yellowish teeth due to tetracycline stains. When I was young, I fell sick and the doctor gave me a banned drug tetracycline, an antibiotic that should not be prescribed to kids under the age of ten. It not only caused stains to the teeth but to all the bones as well. I have tried other methods of whitening my teeth such as buying expensive teeth whitener with retainer to apply for at least 1 hour without much improvement. So, now if I were to have my photos taken, I don't show my teeth.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Synchronized Swimming at Beijing Olympics 2008

I was watching the group synchronized swimming in Beijing Olympics life on television just now. They are beautifully choreographed and almost every team did a splendid routine. When I was watching a bit later, team Canada was performing and ranked first. This was followed by Japan which unfortunately has a synchronized swimmer suffering leg cramps at the end of the routine and was ranked second. The came team China with marvellous styles and unique sequence. It overtook Canada and took first spot.

After that was the team from Spain. Though their costumes were not a groovy as other teams, they managed to clinged first place displacing China to second and Japan to third. The final team from Russia came and did great heights, the highest so far comparatively. Russia has been getting medals in the last olympics in Athens and prior to that as well. When the team finished their routines, they were ranked first with a perfect score of 50 for style. So it finally came to Russia to win the gold medal for synchronized swimming. The life telecast was entertaining and I stayed glued to the telly for a while.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

China Olympics 2008

I was watching the television today and China has accummulated 44 goal medals while USA has 26 goal medals. China is indeed a sports superpower with many capable world-class athletics. I loved watching synchronised swimming seeing the very colorful and beautifully designed costumes. Micheal Phelps is a swimming phenomenon and he does not have to work one day in his life anymore. Just earn from the money sponsorships of advertisements and he can retire young and rich. While we don't have the swimming ability of Phelps, most of us need to work the usual route to earn our living. Some resort to blogging part time while others prefer to stay in the office. Well, different strokes for different folks. So, which do you choose? I know what I want.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hello World!

This is my first post from I am happy that Blogger is a free platform to create blogs of various designs. The templates are ready made and it can be selected in a jiffy. At the moment, it is in the late afternoon and I am working from my new laptop. I hope to justify the money spent on the laptop by blogging and hopefully earn some allowance using Google Adsense but this will take some time. I am happy with the status quo and hope to post some interesting material for my repeat visitors. In the meantime, do come back often and check out for updates.
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