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Saturday, February 10, 2018

Google Adsense has Relaxed its Rules

Apparently Google Adsense has relaxed it rules to advertise; regardless of websites with adult content, etc. Previously, it was very strict, but with intense competition from Facebook with millions of advertisement revenue, it must have been more lenient with both publishers and advertisers. This is good for the industry and moreover, Google can also earn more revenue. Sometimes, it advertises on Facebook too and likewise. How times have changed for the better. As I have said before and will repeat it; earning money is not easy! You have to be very motivated and work hard consistently to earn a little allowance here and there. As of today, Dad's hospitals bills have escalated to RM 23k within 2 weeks!

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Millenials are generally Lazy

I may not be a Millenial, but a Gen-Xer. Sometimes I am also guilty of this - being lazy. Anyway, I will always do my utmost best to earn a side income from the internet by milking it through moonlighting part-time writing articles and doing microjobs and completing surveys. It is a big pity I could not programm the various languages other than HTML to earn even more. Anyway, some time back, bought a book on PHP basics to learn about the syntax and logic of programming in my own sweet time. One is never too old to learn new things. Why do I say Millenials are lazy? Well this is because they are protected by parents and lead a comfortable life without much struggles where all the bills are paid by their parents and they use the parents' car without having to pay for road tax, petrol, etc.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Family is everything

Having your own family is everything. Provided with a hubby who is truly single and does not two-time you together with his estranged wife whom he has reconciled with, thanks to me being naive, letting him listen to Pastor Joseph Prince many message CDs. He's now become a religious fanatic, always talk about God to his relatives and wife, etc in the family group. he thinks he's very smart, but I feel he suffers from a great inferiority complex, having being a bankrupt, had to borrow at least $30k from brother-in- law, and start life all over again with my help.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Bought a Paua Shell Pendant

I bought myself a Paua shell pendant as a reward for my hard work. Also treated me and youngest sister on a trip to New Zealand just before Christmas. It was good despite some hiccups and cons now and then. Otherwise, the trip would have been more enjoyable. Everyone was punctual and early. No one was late which makes the trip very good and co-operative. I was on a spending spree having brought NZ800 there to splurge. We also went to the museum and many other places of interests. My next trip maybe India or Dubai next year.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Spouse does not have a passport

My current spouse or business partner is so cursed! He does not have a passport because it was impounded being a social guarantor or whatever reasons he gave. He was also a director of 7 failed companies in Johor before meeting me and we set up a rather successful business using my website that brings in 90% of the business! Everytime, I have to ask my sisters to accompany me instead which is less enjoyable compared to bringing a spouse. And I cannot ask any Tom, Dick and Harry to go with me in case my credit cards get stolen or money being lost while in the room or while I am bathing.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

My article was accepted

I had written students' assignments of several articles ranging from business to management, computer science and even medicine. My second sister thinks it is unethical to write these assignments but then, if I don't write, someone else will write and earn the moolah. WriterBay is by far the most lucrative writing assignment one could be accepted and join. They want to see your degree scroll and photo capture it. Also, I find Adsense is getting to be strict and not so generous. Even some of my ads shown on other sites are not generating money and taken off the system; yet they are still displayed on the blog. You can withdraw for the first time when you hit USD 50, which is achievable.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Accepted into WriterBay

I was accepted into academic writing for WriterBay which needs some tests on grammar, and understanding of the different styles like APA, MLA, Harvard, etc. Just now, I have submitted my first application of 2 paragraphs for marketing on APA style on a single page. If accepted, I get USD 4. So much for the research done but it is only 275 words per page. Quite easy peasy but I need to be perfect in the APA style required for this academic writing. There are so many questions that guide the student to write comprehensively. As an undergraduate in IT, I also needed some help. Hence, I can relate to the difficulties and challenges a student encounters when studying - sometimes, not enough time to write and do all the necessary research.
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