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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Prudential Claim

I am going to claim insurance from Prudential that I have paid since 2006 till today. I got aspinatus tendinitis on my right arm and it has been diagnosed by the orthopedic surgeon in a local hospital. I am not sure if I shall get the full compensation amounting to slightly more than a thousand ringgit that I wish to claim for my expenses. I also did MRI in another hospital and am thankful it is healing slowly without further physiotherapy. Looking at dad's medical condition, I am grateful for a good health to move around and the ability to earn an income from the comfort of home. This is God's divine blessings for me with a very understanding but sometimes hot-tempered boss on rare occasions nowadays.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Going to pay off the biggest loan

I received $60k loan from UOB, $20k loan from Standard Chartered Bank at 3.88% per annum and $27k loan from Maybank at 7.7% per annum. Several banks called me to loan money but I have to put a stop to this before debt comes spiraling. I guess, I might want to return the $27k from Maybank unless I use the money to buy blue chip shares at higher returns. But then again the stock market is so volatile. A piece of advice in The News Straits Times can cause the market to come tumbling down drastically! It is the UMNO controlled newspaper that always highlight bad news and cause the market to become a bear market for some time!! Why can NST highlight positive news and avoid giving false news on the stock to cause massive panic?

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Blogging is Cathartic

I love to blog and pen my thoughts for posterity. As long as I avoid sensitive topics like politics, I am doing fine. Moreover, I have the freedom to write what comes to mind while my fingers do the typing. It keeps me occupied while earning a side income at the same time. Just have passion in whatever you do and it will become fruitful. Just like my boss, he loves sports and the company is doing relatively well. But it keeps me pretty busy typing quotations and emailing out brochures and such. In the good old days, I was getting lucrative income from nuffnang, adsense, and sponsored posts. But now not anymore, but I still persist in blogging to relax and feel the power of my words at the tap of the keyboard.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Major Projects

I just hope God will bless us with major projects soon. I shall not disclose them for now but pray that our Heavenly Father will place his favour and divine intervention to secure the project for us. There are 2 different types at the moment in different states. Traveling is certainly tiring albeit being a passenger. I admire my colleague who is much older and could still drive long distances and shuttling around KL using the Waze GPS as I guided him. People his age would be retired by then, but it sppears that he is working very hard for his loved ones.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Can Love be Long Distance?

Is it possible to survive a long distance relationship? I am not sure, but there are cases that are successful like in Yuna's case. She is after all a famous singer based in the U.S. from Malaysia. She was recently married after years of courtship long distance. And she will carry on the long distance marriage with her hubby here in Malaysia while she works in the U.S. Some people are just pretty lucky, especially when you have money and it is not an issue. I just hope that with all that said, I could be the lucky few, but then again I cannot foresee the future. God says to live one day at a time and not to worry about the future, neither regret on the past. We should live in the present and that is why it is called a gift!

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Château Margaux

Château Margaux, archaically La Mothe de Margaux, is a wine estate of Bordeaux wine, and was one of four wines to achieve Premier cru (first growth) status in the Bordeaux Classification of 1855. The estate's best wines are very expensive, with a standard-sized bottle of the Château Margaux grand vin retailing at an average price of $639. The estate is located in the commune of Margaux on the left bank of the Garonne estuary in the Médoc region, in the département of Gironde, and the wine is delimited to the AOC of Margaux.

The estate also produces a second wine named Pavillon Rouge du Château Margaux, a third wine named Margaux de Château Margaux, as well as a dry white wine named Pavillon Blanc du Château Margaux which does not conform to the Margaux appellation directives.

Modern history

Following the Bordeaux economic crisis of 1973, the Ginestet family were forced to sell Château Margaux. An attempt by National Distillers & Chemical Corporation to acquire Château Margaux was vetoed by the French government on grounds that the estate was a national treasure. (This has since been reported as a Coca-Cola Company effort prevented by French President Valéry Giscard d'Estaing.)

A successful acquisition took place in 1976 by French grocery and finance group Félix Potin, headed by Greek André Mentzelopoulos for a sum near 72 million francs, or $16 million.[8] Mentzelopoulos transformed the vineyard through restoring the neglected vineyard, chais, and mansion and the consultancy of oenologist Émile Peynaud.[7] By the time of Mentzelopoulos' death in 1980, Château Margaux was considered substantially restored to its former reputation, with the 1978 and 1979 vintages declared "exceptional".

At the beginning of the 1990s, an exchange of shares was negotiated with the Agnelli family but the management remained in the hands of Mentzelopoulos' daughter Corinne Mentzelopoulos. In 2003, Corinne Mentzelopoulos bought back the majority stake and became the sole shareholder of Château Margaux.

A bottle of Château Margaux 1787 holds the record as the most expensive bottle of wine ever broken, insured at $225,000. Margaux Hemingway received her given name from this wine

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Aversion to others

I seem to have aversion to others and rather be a listener than a talker. I also avoid them if possible. There have been hurts in the past the make me what I am today. So, being in the computer field is very good for me. I work alone undisturbed, unless my boss gives me more work. He is also a workaholic, just like me. Today, I have updated 19 html pages of the company website with pictures edited for eye-candy and spruce up the credentials of the site. I want to make sure it is updated accordingly and this is done yearly or twice per year. I guess being in a forum, helps me learn new things with a mentor and this speeds up the learning process. I am able to build fully functional websites that attract people. I hope to be more sociable like 2 younger sisters, where they are leaders in their own right.
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