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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Came Back from KL Yesterday

Yesterday, we met up with a potential client in Rawang and drove down at 6:00am in the morning, had the interview at noon and then it was back to Penang to care for our 5 pets. They just came back from pet hotel or pet boarding and it must have been stressful for them to stay in a different environment and possibly, all crammed up for the bunnies. This is because, I Whatsapp the owner and asked for pictures of the bunnies in their habitat but he did not show me any photos. So, I guess, he wants to hide something. I also bought some fruits for parents in Tapah where we have a 15-minute stopover to rest and nap. My spouse was the driver and he certainly needs his rest.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Going to KL in a Short While

I shall be going to KL in a short while, all dressed up and packed my traveling bag with vitamins, clothes, etc. I am a little tired mentally, but still press on and I could nap in the car while my partner drives to KL with stops in Tapah and near Bukit Merah. I love what I am doing and will continue to be just as committed in whatever endeavour I pursue. Blogging is one of them and I will try to update it at least once a week or so when time permits. I also have 95 articles to write of 100+ words for USD 1 each. My second sister, Karen will return to London and then Southampton tomorrow after staying in Penang for 1 month to clear the house of rubbish and mess. She did a pretty good job and I am proud of her, finally getting her PhD soon.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

The Home should be a Sanctuary

The home should be a sanctuary and not a place for war between 2 parties. The best couples are those who team up against the world and not the other way round. The man should not team up with neighbours and rival against the spouse. This will surely lead to split ups, in due time. Divorces are very real and that is due to lost of respect for each other, financial difficulties or the spartk is no longer there and the person you once fell in love with had become a stranger at home, doing the daily grind of housework at home without any other intimacy or close communication. Worse, still every sentence is shot down with rude belittling remarks to show who is the boss! This should not be the way!

Monday, September 18, 2017

More amendments

I have some amendments to be made to my articles before approval by 25th and payment end of the month. I might follow my colleague down to KL soon sometime this week and thereafter, fly down to Johor to collect a document. These are all in the initial stage of planning. At the moment, feeling a bit tired and lazy. Just wish to nap in bed under my silk duvet comforter and it is just heavenly. But no matter what, I still have to work and print out more brochures for today's meeting in Penang. I have so many books now, I am overwhelmed. And I recently ordered Millionaire Success Habits by Dean online from the USA.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Special Invitation to LongChamp in Singapore

I don't know how LongChamp, a designer brand of handbags got my email and personally sent me an invitation to their grand opening at Takashimaya Mall in Singapore. Well, if they had sent me a plane ticket and accommodation, then I might consider attending this roadshow. Today, I plan to place RM 25k from Public bank to RHB which has the highest Fixed Deposit currently at 4.15% before end of September. I also have 2-3 more FDs matured this month and plan to place the money in RHB. I love my job working at home and it is an envy of many, which is not a secret. Well, since my company website brings in most of the business, I should get credit for it.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Looking for Sponsored Posts to Blog

I am curious how some bloggers get so many sponsored posts to blog and write with a link to the advertiser's site. Some are getting like USD 400 or more monthly, by being a paid blogger. But they never reveal which site is giving and dishing out so much moolah for blogging work. So, it is like searching for a needle in a haystack. A search online does not reveal much. And the sites that I used to earn quite lucratively are no longer accepting bloggers outside USA, so it seems. Places like Blogsvertise cannot even register me anymore and there seems to be bugs in the code. I am not sure if this is deliberate or not, but just pray for other new opportunities that mushroom online.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Work is Always There

I have the luxury whether to work or not. Should I be in a sloth mode, I will sleep in my silk duvet comforter with the air con turned on for some time or just read a good book to learn something. However, should I be bored, then I might just fire up my adrenalin in the system and start working writing articles or just update my blogs and look for more opportunities to earn a little by moonlighting here and there. I will try to milk the internet via the legal way and not cheat by clicking on ads several times that may get one being banned permanently. As dad had mentioned, I could now retire any time with more than enough to last a lifetime; provided also that I don't simply spend my savings like drinking water or flushing water down the tap.
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